Check Stolen Boats

Please click on the Make or Model of any boat listed to see full details. If you think you have found a stolen item please check our advice page and /or contact us with the ID number of the boat listed so we can put you in touch with the owner.

IDMakeModelTypeReg NoConstructionDeck ColourHull Colour
5RTMocean duoplusSea KayakPlasticorange turning to yellow at the frontsame
6pyranhaburn size M - latest modelKayakPlasticyelow,redyelow,red
9Old townDiscovery 158Open CanoeXTC05000C202CompositeCreamGreen
10NeckyElizaSea KayakXKA60305D707PlasticHot pinkhot pink
13WavesportProject 45KayakPlasticGreenGreen
16DaggerMax tpmKayakPlasticBlue whiteBlue
17Mad riverExplorer 14Open Canoe?PlasticGreyRed
18Ocean frenzyKayakPlasticOrange/yellow marbled
19Ocean frenzyKayakPlasticBlue and white marbled
20Ocean frenzyKayakPlasticBlue and white marbled
21Ocean frenzyKayak26067961PlasticOrange/yellow marbled
22Ocean frenzyKayak25053232PlasticBlue and white marbled
23ocean kayakfrenzyKayak25053232Plasticblue
26tootigaprphecy 110KayakGB2TGP10185Plasticblueblue
27islandcalypsoKayaknot knownPlasticgreen whitegreen white
28Hobie MirageRevolution 13KayakHCC 79115C616PlasticRedRed
30SuffolkSit on top double tandem river sea fishing kayakKayakPlasticRedRed
31PyranhaRecoil MKayakXTBEBGAVB707PlasticGreen/BlackGreen/Black
33DynamicDiamond 2 - Canoe PoloKayakCompositeBlack/CarbonBlack/Carbon
34Big DogForceKayakPlasticOrange
35Pyranhai4KayakPlasticPurple and Blue