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Boat Details

Make: Necky
Model: Eliza
Type: Sea Kayak
Reg No: XKA60305D707
Construction: Plastic
Deck Colour: Hot pink
Hull Colour:hot pink
Distinguishing Features:

Necky Eliza plastic kayak is 16', has single cockpit, two hatches. It is somewhat faded and is a 2007 model brought to UK from the USA. Can't be too many of these boats in the UK!

Theft Details

Date stolen: July 24, 2014
Country: Scotland
Location Details:

Stolen from Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland. From my back garden between high wall and shed. Taken sometime between 10 am 24 July and 7 am 25 July. I live near the sea and if this was a lark, may have been taken to River Don or beach front in Aberdeen.